Games based on superhero movies

Superhero movies are loved and loathed in equal measures because some people tend to outgrow them after watching their movies and playing their games too many times. But this is also the reason why these movies have constantly hit the bill boards in recent years. No doubt, these movies have a large audience, so large that critics don’t have a choice but to conform to the spirit of comic games. Above all, games have been developed to follow in the footsteps of the most popular super hero movies in the planet. If you have not played any of these, you should probably try them out at your free time to experience the fun that is in store for you.

Spider Man 2

Having been launched in 2004, this game qualifies to fit in the category of the best open world games of that time, thanks to its swinging mechanics which the spider man character really knows how to execute.

Spider man 2 is action-intensive and exciting to play. It feels good to web-sling on the tall skyscrapers in Manhattan city while occasionally stopping by to bust criminals on their job. While other spider man games were released before this particular one, the 2004 version is usually considered the best of the bunch. You can take our word to the bank on this one.



At one time, people had so much fun visiting the arcade and crowding on the 4 sets of control inputs in a bid to get a taste of the X-men arcade game. To defend against enemy attack, one would jump, retaliate (by attacking back), or use limited special superpowers to thwart the bad guys. This game engaged players all through, while maintaining the challenge at all levels. The 4-player game play was a thrilling experience altogether.


Hulk: the ultimate destruction

The green angry giant has never gotten enough attention like Spider man or X-men. Nevertheless, this giant character starred in a very funny game during the age of PlayStation 2. This game used to be known as Hulk –the Ultimate Destruction. The title of this game implies that you can cause havoc in an entire city. That is the hurt and soul of this video game.

The game play is marked by intense moments of pure action as the giant roams the streets to damage cars, lamp posts, buildings you name it. In fact, if you are the type of player who enjoys occasional rampage, then Hulk the ultimate destruction was meant for you.


Batman series

If a gun was held on your forehead and you were asked to swear by the best superhero game on the planet, you could choose Batman: Arkham City or Batman: Arkham Asylum. This would automatically earn you freedom in that situation. That’s how interesting these games can be.

First is the story line. The two games follow a complex plot of crime-filled tales which fit very well in the world of Batman. The combat is fine; thanks to the game's finely-tuned counter-attack mechanism which makes defending against attacks a breeze. It will never let you down as far as action-based super hero games are concerned.



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