Vertical Limit
Category Action
Year: 2000
Time: 124 minutes
Production: Columbia Pictures
Director: Martin Campbell
Chris O'Donnell, Robin Tunney, Bill Paxton, Nicholas Lea
MPAA PG13 / UK-12
Our Rating 7/10 - Not bad, different to Cliffhanger at least
Watchability 7/10 - Beats a rom-com
Contributed by Jordan Taylor

Peter Garrett (Chris O'Donnell) still beats himself up since he killed his dad when their family climbing trip went wrong and he had to cut his Old Man free (to plummet to his death from a great height) to save his own life.  Cry-baby.
  His little sister Annie still doesn't forgive him and is now an accomplished climber, leading a rich billionaire (Bill Paxton) on a mission to conquer K2, the second highest peak in the world.  Paxton doesn't listen to his guide's advice, and they push forward into a storm, only for an avalanche to knock them into a submerged cravice and kill most of his team.
  Peter gathers a group of second-rate climbers at the base-camp to launch a rescue mission after he learns that his sister, Paxton and Krycek from the X Files are still alive through a bit of radio morse-code.  With the help of a few cans of highly explosive nitro-glycerine and a crazy old hermit, they start the ascent ... in a helicopter. 

So, how does it end?

Bill Paxton gives his injured climber guide (Krycek from the X-Files) the bends, so they can preserve some of this "dex" stuff, to keep their lungs ticking over in the cold.
  The crazy hermit Montgomery Wick divides the rescue group into 3 teams of pairs. The first team trip, drop their bomb over a ridge - but survive until an avalanche knocks one of the brothers out into nothingness.  The second team race to keep the explosives cold in the low sun ... but it leaks and obliterates them while having a laugh behind a rock.
  The 'love interest' has survived still, and she finds the perfectly-preserved body of Wick's wife.  It seems the crazy man has an ulterior motive to kill the billionaire, as his wife led the first expedition but the bad guy hid the "dex" for himself and she died.
  Using Krycek's blood as a flare, the rescue team find the survivors - and Wick decides to save his enemy's life.  Then suddenly the ropes go crazy, and to save the others Wick cuts the line like in the first scene.  Peter is a climber's worst nightmare.
  They make it down to the base - Annie in intensive care, but Peter gets a kiss from the love-interest other climber.  Everyone seems happy enough, even though it was a major disaster and it took another 4 dead climbers to rescue just 1 person.  Well, at least they didn't try that on the highest mountain in the world, best to start small.

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