Law Abiding Citizen
Category Thriller , Action
Year: 2009
Time: 109 minutes
Production: Overture Films
Director: F. Gary Gray
Jamie Foxx, Gerard Butler, Colm Meaney, Bruce McGill
Our Rating 6/10
Watchability 3/10
Contributed by Jordan Taylor

When intruders break into Clyde (Gerrard Butler) Shelton's happy home and murder his wife and daughter, his lawyer Nick Rice (Jamie Foxx) breaks a deal with the worst of the two murderers to testify against his accomplice and send him to Death Row in return for a lighter sentence.
  A broken man, Clyde is devastated when Rice doesn't push for a tougher sentence but instead gives in to the rapist-murderer's demands meaning he'll be free to return to the streets in a few years.
  Cut to 10 years later, the accomplice is on Death Row about to be given a lethal injecton -- but something seems to be wrong...

So, how does it end?

As it turns out, Clyde is a technical genius and already an experienced killer since he has worked as a contract spy for many years (they really should have checked his CV first) killing bad guys with exploding cigars and all that.
  On a mission to kill everyone that had contact with the case, or just anyone that gets in his way, he outdoes himself when he rigs up the prosecution team's Beemers, decimating Rice's pleasant little crew.
  Using a lead from his protege's boyfriend contact, Rice traces Clyde's property holdings - including a warehouse just over the road from his cell.  Inside the building he finds a secret tunnel that leads under the prison's walls with access points to each of the solitary confinement cells.  Clyde has long gone - disguised as a janitor and dumping a briefcase packed with explosives under the meeting room of all the city big-wigs downtown.
  Foxx and his team get to the briefcase in time - and then surprise Clyde by making it back to the cell first. The explosives are set to go-off my mobile detonation, and Clyde has a choice to be the good guy (well, sort of) and not press 'send'.
  Well, he gives a speech and does anyway - but the briefcase is under his bed.  Foxx does a runner.  Clyde panics but then accepts his fate and goes out in a blaze of glory.

Quite an unexpected ending - I figured it would have been more 'Seven' in style with a moral twist - eg that Nick Rice's family are killed by Shelton, and then it is a distraught Rice that walks into the court room as the newly appointed DA and murders Clyde in front of a packed audience, to then spend the rest of his years behind bars to experience the loneliness that Shelton must have felt for the last 10, and no one ready to give him a deal. 
  What do you guys think - was the ending satisfying enough? 

Not for the faint-hearted! The nasty rape and murder-scene is literally about 2 minutes into the movie, so be warned!
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