Category Action , Sci-Fi , Thriller
Year: 2011
Time: 105 minutes
Production: Relativity Media
Director: Neil Burger
Bradley Cooper, Robert De Niro, Abbie Cornish, Andrew Howard, Anna Friel
MPAA PG-13 / UK15
Our Rating 7/10 - Surprising movie - turns into a proper thriller near the end
Watchability 5/10 - Terrible ending, and not impressed on the type of message this movie is giving out to kids
Contributed by JT
Tag-line What if a pill could make you rich and powerful?

Eddie Morra (Bradley Cooper) is a writer struggling to make it through life, when a chance encounter with his brother-in-law from a failed marriage, and the 'gift' of a little pill called NZT, opens up his brain to a higher intellect, sharper awareness, greater confidence ... and ability to unlock tiny memories from his past to achieve temporary greatness.  But will there be any side effects?

So, how does it end?

Eddie returns to the police station to take part in a line-up, where his expensive lawyer is hoping to get him off a suspected murder charge for the blonde girl from his drunken night earlier.

Eddie returns to the office, where Carl tells him that Attwood is in a coma, and suspects that Eddie is up to something. Eddie needs a fix -- but his stash of pills, hidden in the lining of his suit, has been stolen by his lawyer.

At that moment a parcel is delivered for Eddie - with the mutilated hands of his bodyguards. Eddie excuses himself to the fury of Carl and heads back to his new and secure condo.

On TV he sees his lawyer - next to the wife of Attwood. Suddenly the Russian gangster shows up with two goons, and starts breaking his way inside. Eddie goes to the railings, and considers jumping. Another of his neighbors are shot dead when they get in the gangsters' way.

Eddie tries to use his last cohesive thought to find a remaining pill - and grabs one from the rim of the old tin.

The Russians are inside - and Eddie drops the pill down a vent.

He is beaten and chained to a chair while they ransack the place. The lead gangster injects himself with the last pill, as he prepares to torture Eddie. He approaches, and Eddie throws himself at his enemy and manages to stab him. As the gangster lies dying on the floor, and his friends will soon be back in the room, Eddie sips from the pool of blood and his mind is sharp with NZT again.

He hides a syringe in his mouth, and stabs the first inquisitive gangster in the eye.  He breaks the restraints and gets to the panic room/closet. While the gangsters wait, he rushes out and beats up one with a tv, and the other one is blinded in the other eye. The blind guy holds the gun. Eddie shouts out in Russian, and the other gangster with a headache from the tv is shot.

The blind dude asks for his friend and waits. He starts firing again. Eddie pushes the grand piano towards him and the bad guy crashes through a large window and dies.

Eddie manages to get to hospital, where Attwood dies. He makes a deal with Attwood's driver (and assassin), to get the lawyer.

12 months later, Eddie is running a successful campaign for senator. Carl meets him - but tells him that he knows about NZT, and has bought his research lab. In return for a limitless supply, he'll need help in the future when Eddie is President.

Eddie escorts Carl out the building, but then doesn't follow his old mentor to his car. He tells Carl that he is off NZT - but is sharper than ever and can see things 50 moves ahead of everyone else. He can destroy Carl, so will let him off this time.

Carl leaves. Eddie goes to a restaurant to meet Lindy.

Alternative Ending:

After being bribed by Carl, Eddie still doesn't get into the car and tells Carl that he has successfully reverse-engineered the pill, and has his own secret labs, and is still 50 moves ahead. In fact he is so clever he can tell his body he doesn't need it (glad they didn't include this version!)

Carl leaves, and Eddie meets Lindy in the restaurant.

8.50/10 ( 2 Votes )
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