Category Action , Military/War
Year: 2014
Time: 134 minutes
Director: David Ayer
Brad Pitt, Shia LeBeouf, Logan Lerman, Jon Bernthal, Michael Pena
MPAA R / UK-15
Our Rating 8/10
Watchability 7/10

A tank crew must fight their way through Germany behind enemy lines against far superior German opponents. When "Wardaddy" Collier loses his gunner, the replacement is a rookie called Norman who is neither fit to fight or right for his crew, but Collier must make him into an effective soldier.

So, how does it end?

After liberating a few German towns, the boys are given their next order - to hold a cross-roads and stop a German battalion from crossing, so they don't punch into the weak supply lines and butcher a load of chefs and medics.

Along with the other two remaining tanks, they journey on - until a massive German Tiger tank takes shots at them. Unwilling to leave it, Collier (Pitt) lays a plan with his team to flank it.  The Tiger takes out the other two American tanks with little effort, but Collier and his crew manage to run behind it, and punch rounds into its weakened rear. Finally they set it ablaze inside, and gun down the soldiers.

Alone, they make their way to the crossroads, but a mine takes out their tracks. Norman is sent up to a ridge to find a good vantage point - where he soon hears a battalion of SS soldiers marching their way.

The others want to leave, but Collier insists on staying. They stick by his side, and lay a trap for the Germans.

The SS approach the tank, and then Collier's crew mow them down with machine gun fire and launch rounds at the vehicles.

After heavy fighting, Grady takes an RPG to the side and is the first to die. Gordo is shot too, drops a grenade, and then falls on it to save the others.

Running out of ammo, collier gets outside on the 50 cal. Boyd (LeBeouf) is shot in the face, trying to help him reload.

The Germans are still falling, until a sniper takes out Collier.  They swarm the tank, and as they drop grenades inside, Norman uses a hatch underneath the tank to escape.

A young German solider finds him, but mercifully lets him live.  The next morning, Norman gets back inside the tank and finds the bodies (surprisingly in good nick considering bombs have gone off), and the hatch is opened - to show an American face.  Norman is helped out, and told he's a hero.


Got to hand it to the Director and cast on this one. The dialogue between action scenes is good - very good in fact. Even with the Star Wars laser effects (where did they come from?) the action is gritty, and up there with the best from a WW2 movie.

Although not much of a fan usually, Pitt (looking a good 20 years younger) gives an effortless performance that glues it all together. And Shia LeBeouf, although crazier than a toothpick in real life, shows that the boy really can act!

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