Kicking and Screaming
Category Comedy , Sport , Family
Year: 2005
Time: 95 minutes
Production: Universal Pictures
Director: Jesse Dylan
Will Ferrell, Robert Duvall, Kate Walsh
Our Rating 5/10
Watchability 5/10
Contributed by Jordan Taylor
Tag-line One man could lead this team to glory. . . That man was busy

When his 10yr old son is nothing more than a bench-warmer for the local soccer team, Phil Weston (Will Ferrell) decides to take action and transfer him to a new team - The Tigers, who are bottom of the division. When their coach resigns with some type of nervous breakdown just one game into the season, Phil becomes the new head coach - and with the help of two local Italian boys tries to turn the team around. Will they reach the Final?

So, how does it end?

Phil makes a bet with his father Buck (Duvall) that the winner of the final will keep a matchball struck by Pele, that Phil caught many years ago but his father snatched off him.
  He gets caught up with the prospect of winning and forgets about his son, Sam, who again is just warming the bench.
  The Tigers reach the final, but the two Italians players are closely marked and unable to show off their skills - Phil's plan is coming undone.
  At half-time, responding to a prompt by his wife, Phil apologies to his son - and brings him on as a sub, giving the Italians a much needed rest. He also realises the goalie can't see, so gives him some glasses ... and now he can finally catch the ball! The team start playing and draw level.
  With the seconds ticking down, Sam gets the ball after a series of dummies and little tricks by his team-mates, and then with a 360 trick (that he learnt while spending his time on the bench) takes it past his old rival and drives it into the bottom corner.
  Phil's son apologies to his grandad for beating his team, but the old man is proud that he was beaten by one of his own.
  Phil is congratulated by everyone, including the little rival player, and at a family barbecue he finally gets his hands on the matchball touched by Pele.

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