Death Defying Acts
Category Romantic , Drama
Year: 2007
Time: 97 minutes
Production: AFFC
Director: Gillian Armstrong
Guy Pearce, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Timothy Spall
Our Rating 1/10 - A truly terrible movie
Watchability 0/10 - Don't bother!
Contributed by Jordan Taylor

Famous escapologist and illusionist Harry Houdini (Guy Pearce) visits Edinburgh during a tour of Britain with his manager Mr Sugarman (Timothy Spall), where he meets fake psychic Mary (Catherine Zeta-Jones) who has a passing resemblance to his deceased mother. Wracked with guilt about missing her dying moments, he hopes Mary can speak to her beyond the grave and give him some closure.

So, how does it end?

Mary and her daughter both know she is a fraud, so try to get into Houdini's room to open his secret suitcase, to reveal information about his mother that they can pass on during the seance.
  As Houdini and Mary grow closer, the manager tries to buy her off, but then gives in and hands Benji the key to the chest.
  During the seance Mary says she cannot go through with it, but then little Benji collapses to the floor and pretends to be some type of channel for the dead mum. We're not sure if she is pretending or not, as she goes on about having a 'gift' and all that.

Houdini returns home. In the crowd a ginger guy punches him in the gut, and then gives a sneaky double-punch to the kidneys, which knocks him to the floor. Apparently Harry claimed to be able to take any man's punch, but this one caught him unaware.
  The manager Mr Sugarman then kneels by his side and apologises in tears, telling his friend he gave the girls a key to the case. Houdini says he knows.

Later, a black and white silent news stories is shown at an Edinburgh theatre of the event. Mary and Benji are in tears.

In the closing titles it says how Houdini was punched by a ginger haired ninja, which ruptured his appendix, and he died of the injury.  He wanted people to gather for his birthday so he could beat death, but of course he's not Jesus ... or even Lazarus, so they're probably still waiting.

Dodgy accents will annoy you, while the dodgy hairstyles (that the camera seems to keep focusing on for some weird reason) will at least give you something to look at. In the words of the comic book guy from The Simpsons -- 'Worst movie ever'. But on saying that, I haven't seen The Avengers.
5.50/10 ( 6 Votes )
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